Industrial Process Heating

Commerical Cooling

Hybrid Power Plant


Enhanced Oil Recovery


Industrial Process Steam, Hot Water

SharperSun Solar Steam can produce steam that can be used for the process applications in various industries. The Solar Thermal system can also be used to preheat the feedwater. Industries like food processing, paper pulp, textile can leverage Solar Thermal system for system.

HTF Heating and DSG System

SharperSun Solar Thermal Systm uses both HTF as well as water.

SharperSun Advantages

SharperSun trough has numerous advantages over existing concentrating solar power troughs for process heat applications. SharperSun trough design maintains simplicity while providing global quality standards and specifications for industrial applications.The SharperSun trough is based on proven parabolic trough geometry but incorporates several innovative features that set it apart from glass based troughs:

  • Lighter aluminum frame with fewer parts
  • Lower cost high efficiency CST system
  • Larger diameter and longer receiver tubes to reduce cost and
  • Increased performance with design innovations
  • More robust, higher performance and lower cost tracking, drive and control system
  • Shatterproof, non-glass reflector panels made with Solar Mirror Film
  • Modular design for faster field assembly time
  • Compact shipping and less labor requirement.