Financing for Direct Purchase

Financial incentives and loan options:

  • Government of India together with UNDP is offering upto 45% subsidy and grant for concentrating solar thermal projects.
  • For profit making eligbility customers, 80% accelerated depreciation benefit is also available.
  • EMI can also be arranged for eligible customers.
  • A project can be financed through major banks or investors.

Heat Purchase Agreement or Steam Contract or ESCO

  • Heat purchase agreement.
  • Steam Contract
  • ESCO mode.

Investors' interests in changing Energy Mix of India

  • Our investors are open to financing concentrating solar thermal projects both on direct purchase basis or on heat purchase agreement depending upon the suitability of the project size and clients.
  • 10% grant from UNDP-GEF programme is currently available for projects done under ESCO mode.

Our notable financial backers.