Process Heat for various applications:

In many industries thermal energy is required for thermic oil, hot air, steam & pressurized hot water applications.The system is best suited for industrial applications using thermal energy from electricity or fossil fuels. CSH is suitable for Industries like:

  • Dairy, Food Processing
  • Textile
  • Paper mills
  • Oil rigs
  • Cold Storage, Commercial air-conditioningnbsp
  • Chemical industries

100 KWth SharperSun Solar Block Design

Industrial Process Heat Usage:

SharperSun can be used for providing process heat for wide range of industries and chemical processing plants using boilers or heaters, textile mills paper mills etc. For example, India is the world’s largest milk producer. There are over 700 organized formal dairy processing plants and organized sector is expected to grow rapidly.In a dairy farm, steam and hot water are used in pasteurization,chilling and cleaning.These units also do not have space constraints to install a CST system.Dairy industry alone is projected to require 125,000 m2 of CST troughs by 2017.

Share of Industrial Heat Demand by Temperature Level

Solar cooling systems & space heating systems:

Heating & cooling constitutes almost 50% of our energy needs. Centralised air conditioning & heating systems powered by solar can reduce energy bills significantly.

Waste Water Evaporation System/ Desalination/Hot Water:

CSH can be used to provide innovative cost effective solutions for drinking water, water evaporation, hot water at industrial scales and desalination system.