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SharperSun – an innovative, reliable, scalable, low cost solution:

SharperSun troughs are highly reliable and scalable solution to heating and cooling needs that offer lower cost of ownership, and very low operating costs, using free solar energy. The SharperSun systems reduce carbon footprint, and pollution, and also reduce dependence on fossil fuel consumption. SharperSun parabolic trough comes with an innovative and simple design, which can be tailored to various capacities, starting from one module with 30 square meter collector area, suitable for smaller as well as larger applications. A standard SharperSun system is an arrangement of six modules which is equivalent to 100kW system and would amount to 180 sqm of collector area. Our expert engineering team can design the system to use only solar energy, or with other fuels, based on customer requirements. For MNRE-UNDP-GEF projects, 8 modules can be used.

Energy-Guru ® was instrumental in successfully raising international debt financing of INR 150 Crore for the first CST project under the JNNSM migration policy. We have assisted many Solar projects under the Gujarat and Rajasthan policies in raising financing, identifying technologies and vendors.
Through our deep experience in Renewable Energy technology field in India, we recognized a need for indigenously developing technology for Concentrated Solar Heating for smaller process applications. This led to development of SharperSun product in the last few years. Our vision is to be the foremost leader in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions in the Solar technologies.
SharperSun has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in Chemical and environmental industry, Structural engineering, Mechanical engineering, Controls and Electronics engineering, and Project Management. Many of the team members have studied first hand and visited the CST systems at SEGS in California, Florida Power, SolarOne projects. It is using the latest developments in this field, and best of the technologies from across the world to work in Indian conditions.
SharperSun is a complete solution that can be customized for numerous applications which can be stand alone systems or integrated with existing systems. SharperSun concentrating systems can be augmented & coupled with existing boiler or heating system. In this mode it delivers thermal energy whenever solar radiation is available and saves fuel used. It needs cleaning of reflectors & no fuel at all.
SharperSun system has opened up immense possibilities of saving significant proportion of fossil fuels used in industrial process heat applications in economically viable manner. It has potential to save significant energy used for process heat in industrial units depending on temperatures and load cycles of the process. The technology when fully exploited in industrial process heat sector holds potential to save 6% to 10% of India's total fuel oil imports.

Geetanjali Patil Choori, CEO, SharperSun
Co-founder of Energy Guru assisting many utility scale PV and CSP projects. Solid credentials in executing initiatives in Fortune 500 companies.
B.E. in Electrical and Electronics, M.Tech in Control Systems, & General Management Program from Indian School of Business.
Geetanjali brings her thought leadership, positive can-do attitude, out of box thinking, project management and risk management to the table.
Geetanjali leads the global clean energy hub with resposibilities such as customer relations, supplier collaborations, international financing arrangements.
Geetanjali was awarded the prestigious “Hind Rattan” award in 2011 for distinguished work in renewable energy sector. She was recently the finalist for “Personality for the Year" award by CSP Today India for leadership in executing financing engagement and international technology collaborations of large CSP (CSP: Concentrating Solar Power) projects in India.
She loves to do yoga, creative work and enjoys discussing how to apply Bhagvad Gita in real life with friends.

Umesh Choori, President
Leader with broad experience from start ups and large companies such as GE, IBM, Capital One Finance B.Tech (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, MS degree in Chemical & Environmental Engineering from Univ. of Oklahoma (USA) and MBA from top-ranked Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, (USA).

Rohit Chalvade, Project Director
Excellent Skills in on ground project execution, supplier relations.
B.Tech Chemical from reputed UDCT/UICT, MBA in Marketing

Sharad Halkude, Mechnanical Engineering and LLB - Legal Advisor

Other Team Members
Mangesh M: B.Tech (Production), Indo German Tool
Santosh K., M.E. (Structural Engineering)
Milind Galhate, B. Engg - Information Technology
Yogesh Accounting
Namrata - Admin
Mushir - Fabrication
Askay - Fabrication
Shubham - Fabrication
Ganesh - Fabrication
Vishal - Fabrication

SharperSun is comprised of many other engineers, diploma holders and fabrication resources.

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