Solar PV Tracker (US Patent Pending):

  • Equity IRR Improves significantly.
  • ~20% More Output due to tracking.
  • Payback comes down drastically.
  • Maintenance cost goes up slightly due to moving parts.

Sun Tracking System Features

  • East to west automated tracking
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 20 solar modules, customizable
  • Tracking angle in E-W direction: -50O to 50O
  • Structural elements are corrosion free
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Cradle-Like Tracking system
  • Remote Monitoring
  • US Patent Pending

Technical Specification:

Tracking Type  Single Axis (East to west)
Number of Solar Modules:   20
Weight Without Modules:   360kg
Layout of Modules:  4 x 5
Layout Size:   3.5 m x 8.4 m
Module Dimension:  ~ 250W
Frame:   Steel, Hot-dip Zn-coated
Wind Speed Resistance:  30 m/s or 110 km/hr
Foundation:   Concrete
Operating Temperature:  -10 deg C to 60 deg C
Warranty:  10 year on Mechanical, 2 year on electrical and electronic equipment

Economic Benefits

Project Cost Increase: >10%
Energy Output Increase: 20%
Financial Returns Impact:Equity IRR goes up by close to 9%; The payback gets reduced by almost 3 years.